• GooseNado Short Reed - Killz'em Series

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    GooseNado Short Reed {G.S.R}  – This call is our OG Short Reed Goose Call. Utilizing our 3in Glados Style barrel and shorter more bored out hand piece we found a combo that will let any waterfowler have those honkers coming down on you like a Tornado. This call is very responsive and transitions between single to double clucks effortlessly with speed and blusters a wicked high volume power honks need to get the birds attention and will get right down to business with superb murmurs and moans that you will make you think geese might have already landed in your spread. Perfect call for the Pit and Stage and is the FWCC Crews go to short reed. 

    Tone Option: We use a double ended reed set that has two different shapes on the end of the reed. For a deeper tone the (Fat End) is used for a higher pitch tone the (Skinny End is used). We also make sure we shave both ends of the reed so you can flip the reed and test both ends of the reed to find your happy place. 

    Killz’em Series Calls: It’s All in the Name. We desired a call that was affordable for our customers but we would not settle for less quality than what was already expected from our custom work. After countless hours and investment we now offer a truly semi-custom hand poured molded call. All of these calls are molded from Jacob’s personal calls that he used in the field day in and day out. The Killz’em Series Calls are more durable than any cast acrylic call on the market and have a unique tone that nothing else will compare, this series of calls went thru the paces in testing before we went public with them and have now become the FWCC crews daily drivers when calling in the field or on the stage. You will not be disappointed with the affordability, the durability, the quality, and most of all their capability.