Owner Jacob Hyer sets out to develop calls that will give waterfowl guides, avid waterfowl hunters, and contest callers an upper hand in the field and on stage in an ever growing sport that is becoming more and more competitive. Fowl Weather Custom Calls have been passionately tested in their numerous intended environments: from hundreds of hours in the field to the countless hours of practice to make it onto the stage. These years of testing have produced calls that meet the needs of any waterfowler, from beginner to guide.  This has resulted in keeping our customers satisfied and always experiencing the limit!

email:fowlweathercustomcalls@yahoo.com | phone:208.972.2160

Series Description:

Turn'em Signature Series Calls (handmade custom): This is how we got started, truly hand turned custom calls from our shop by Jacob Hyer. These calls are works of Art but don’t let that fool you they can and should be hunted. We use all kinds of different materials such as stabilized burl woods, micarta, acrylic, solid surface materials, horn and antler. We continuously seek exotic and highly figured woods from all over the world and work with some of the best suppliers and stabilizers to get the highest quality products to create truly one off custom waterfowl calls. Most of this work is done by custom orders but from time to time we will try to keep some of these master pieces on hand and available to purchase from our store. If you have a unique request or something in mind please do not hesitate to reach out so we can build you your next favorite call. 

email: fowlweathercustomcalls@yahoo.com phone:208-972-2160

Killz’em Series Calls: It’s All in the Name. We desired a call that was affordable for our customers but we would not settle for less quality than what was already expected from our custom work. After countless hours and investment we now offer a truly semi-custom hand poured molded call. All of these calls are molded from Jacob’s personal calls that he used in the field day in and day out. The Killz’em Series Calls are more durable than any cast acrylic call on the market and have a unique tone that nothing else will compare, this series of calls went thru the paces in testing before we went public with them and have now become the FWCC crews daily drivers when calling in the field or on the stage. You will not be disappointed with the affordability, the durability, the quality, and most of all their capability. 

Work'em Series Calls: With the demand of our time being so great with the success of our business we now offer CNC machined cast acrylic calls in our line up! From time to time we will keep plenty of these calls on hand during the peak season, you will find our pricing for them very affordable. We wanted a true cast acrylic call with amazing crisp tone but that wouldn't break the bank. We've achieved this by ditching the traditional metal band (not needed on a acrylic call), hand finishing the tone boards, polishing or media blasting in house and then doing our own laser work. By doing all the finish work ourselves we can produce more calls at pricing that will be hard to beat. Currently we are offering these calls in our most popular models. 

Duck Calls Description:

Frost Point – This little baby is our bread and butter in the FWCC stable. When being developed we went back to our roots and made the barrel the length of our original 2 5/8 call. Don’t let this little calls stature fool ya’, as it has a great top end bark and bite. Due to the all-new gen 3 tone board, it has lots of built in nasally whine and will get downright nasty when called on. Perfect all around Mid-Range call for beginners to the most seasoned salty waterfowler. 

Frost Point-X2 – All of the great qualities of the Frost Point (Single Reed), but with an extra reed for those callers that prefer a double that gives you better control and a tad more gravel for which double reeds are known for. The Frost Point -X2 is still very responsive and can have a great top end buzz which most double reeds are not known for. 

"Stub Zero" The Smallest guy in our lineup and a true Micro barrel call. Get ready to have your blind doors kicked in with this calls intense snappy buzz we all love from a snot nose cry baby hen mallard. The "Zero" is very responsive and will let you transition quickly from those slower cadences to the fast paced, in your face strings sometimes needed to finish birds right in the hole. 

Legacy 10th Anniversary Duck Call: FWCC officially went into business in January 2008 - To commemorate the 'original' Fowl Weather Custom Call Jake has hand turned a replica to his very first call.  After ten years of experience tuning calls and developing his own signature tone jigs, he has come up with something a little different for his Legacy call by producing an up-sloped Arkansas style single reed toneboard.  This call is all boss hen with a lot of built in back pressure.  The volume of this call is best suited for those back wood timber holes and calm days out in the blind.  This call will be Limited edition Black with Gold Pearl flake and each toneboard will be numbered. We will only produce 100 calls for this very special run. 

Micro Burst Whistle - This little whistle packs a mighty punch. Designed to have a natural wheeze built right in the call so you can have a realistic tone for wigeon and drake mallards. With a sharp air burst you can perform a teal call and by placing your finger over the exhaust hole and rolling your tongue a Pintail call can be easy mastered. 

Goose Call Description:

GooseNado (Short Reed) Goose Call– This call is a blend of both of our original Signature Series short reeds which at one time we dubbed the Hybrid. Utilizing our 3in Glados Style barrel and shorter more bored out hand piece from the Stub Freezing we found a combo that will let any waterfowler have those honkers coming down on you like a Tornado. This call is very responsive and transitions between single to double clucks effortlessly with speed and blusters a wicked high volume power honks need to get the birds attention and will get right down to business with superb murmurs and moans that you will make you think geese might have already landed in your spread. Perfect call for the Pit and Stage and is the FWCC Crews go to short reed.